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KBC Aldini Capital LLC. is a diversified, multi-line Financial Institution, licensed and regulated by SHAMS, UAE, and operates from Dubai based office.

KBC Aldini focuses on the identification and realization of emerging business opportunities worldwide in Fund Advisory and Management, Structured Investments for Fund, Investment Banking, Corporate Advisory, Debt Restructuring, Mergers and Acquisition.

KBC Aldini’s Role for Providing Investment Banking Solutions

With a vision to be a leading One stop Financial Institution in United Arab Emirates we deliver strategic advice and solutions, including capital raising the firm works with a broad range of issuer clients, including corporations and institutions. We strive to build trusted, long-term relationships by taking a holistic and forward-looking view on our relationships, and identifying ways to help clients achieve their most important business objectives.

KBC Aldini’s role as an Investment Manager and Advisor

KBC focuses on Combining the investment expertise of an investment adviser and manager to provide a dual layer of knowledge, expertise and oversight that can benefit a fund’s investors

As an investment adviser or investment manager, we are typically responsible for overseeing the fund’s daily operations and managing the fund’s assets while adhering to the fund’s investment objectives with a primary focus to gain access to a particular area of expertise or augment and enhance its investment capabilities.

Teamwork makes the dream work
Our Vision

The vision of KBC Aldini vision is to be recognized as a leading investment company and providing a platform of world-class investment practices through an active approach by its experienced management team.

Our Mission

Our goal is to bring you the right innovative investment ideas in meeting the complex challenges of today's individual & business financial needs all at one step from Asia to Europe.

Our Values

Committed to operating with the best standards and practices, maintaining excellence through respect, integrity, and transparency in all aspects of our operations. KBC Aldini foster a creative, dynamic and entrepreneurial culture allowing us to deliver new solutions for our clients and keeping the interests of clients and investors ahead of those of the company and employees are encouraged to always go 'the extra mile' to help realize their goals.

People Behind

The core leadership and oversight team of KBC Aldini LLC consists of our Board of Directors with collective and rich experience of Board of Directors who have proven financial , business background and Fund Management expertise.

Our Services

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Current Transactions

KBC ALDINI CAPITAL LLC is the Investment Manager for Sagehi Equity Fund ltd,The Fund is an exempted company incorporated in Bermuda on 13 December 2010 and is regulated by Bermuda Monetary Authority (BMA)

The fund’s AUM currently is worth EUR 57 MILLION and KBC ALDINI has successfully managing the Fund’s portfolio

Sagehi Equity Fund Ltd is led by Marios Tryfonides who has two decades of rich and versatile experience in Fund Management. A brief biographical description is as follows:

Mario Tryfonides is an accomplished financial services professional with cumulative industry experience ofover twenty years. Mario specializes in leading and managing business and operations and has heldpositions with Henderson Global Investors, a well-known asset manager in London and EFG- Hermes UAELtd, a large regional manager in the Middle East. Mario has an extensive experience of managingoperational and trader support teams on the London trading floors of Goldman Sachs and Commerzbank(Dresdner Kleinwort Wasserstein).

Other highlights in Mario’s career include serving as the Senior Executive Officer for Apex Fund Services(Dubai) Ltd between 2013- 2017 and simultaneously holding a second role for the Apex Group as ManagingDirector of Apex Financial Outsourcing Ltd. His recent experience includes serving as a Senior ExecutiveOfficer for Gateway Investment Management Services (DIFC) Ltd, a DFSA regulated fund manager in theUnited Arab Emirates, and is the founder and CEO of Integritas CFS (DMCC).

Through the course of Mario’s career, he has acquired and developed a wealth of knowledge on businessprocesses and procedures, the trade cycle, financial software and applications including financial products.His knowledge of the fund regime includes but is not limited to structuring and launching open and closedended funds and managing service provider relationships including fund legal counsel, administrators,auditors and custodians. As a strong practitioner of good corporate governance, Mario has reputation ofimplementing best practices in the workplace and his management style is further complimented by hisregulatory experience and knowledge gained from working with regulators such as the DFSA, FSRA, FCAand FINMA. 5 August, 2019.

A regular speaker at conferences, roundtable and panel discussions, Mario was independently voted as anindustry leader in the service provider category in the MENA Fund Manager Power 30 in 2015 and 2016and has collected various other awards including most recently the award for Innovation in Fund Services2018 on behalf of Gateway Investment Management.

Current Transactions



Due to our associations with regulated Financial Institte and Banks, we in alliance with these institutes provide structured trade finance facilities to our clients based in Middle East and South Asian Countries.